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5 Ravishing White Kitchen Countertops For A Luxury Looking Kitchen

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people have started experimenting with colours for their kitchen set up but white kitchen countertops have always been a versatile choice. It matches well with any design or colour combination adding a hint of elegance and authenticity to cooking spaces. White kitchen cabinets and countertops are also ideal for a small kitchen. It makes the kitchen area look spacious, bright, airy and welcoming. But choosing the best white kitchen countertop that suits your budget, matches your kitchen wall and cabinets and is easy to maintain can be a tedious task. So here we bring you a few white kitchen countertop materials and design ideas.Luxury Looking Kitchen

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White Granite Is An Epitome Of Grandurance

Granites are timeless; they not just add grandeur to your kitchen but add to the functionality as well. The glossy finish of granite countertops is easy to clean, heat resistant and durable. If you are tired of black granite kitchen countertops with white cabinets, why not try white granite countertops with some dark colour kitchen cabinets. The striking contrast will add to your kitchen’s design and decor while improving its functionality as well.Luxury Looking Kitchen

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White Marble Countertop With Contrasting Colour Cabinets Are The Perfect Choice

If you want to evoke a luxurious feel to your kitchen, white marble kitchen countertops are a no brainer. The beautiful veins, smooth texture, and naturally majestic look blends seamlessly with the style quotient of any modern kitchen. Though slightly on the expensive side a white marble kitchen countertop is worth every penny. Pair it up with a combination of contrasting colour cabinets to create a contemporary look for your kitchen.Luxury Looking Kitchen

TIP: Marble is porous and can get stained easily, so try cleaning your kitchen thoroughly and wipe the countertop with a dry wipe to avoid any stains.

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Quartz White Countertops Works Excellently Well With Attractive Colour Cabinets

Quartz is an engineered material with heat-resisting properties and an unmatched finish. They are comparatively more affordable than natural materials like granite and marbles. So if you are looking for a close to marble kitchen countertop but sceptical about spending a bomb quartz countertops will play the trick. Quartz white kitchen countertops works well with any colour, so try matching with bright colour cabinets, be it grey, blue, black, yellow, red or any other colour of your choice.Luxury Looking Kitchen

White Laminate Kitchen Countertops Looks Elegant Without A Pinch On The Pocket

Laminate as a finish for your kitchen countertop is a good idea as well. Their exact resemblance with marble or soapstone, heat and scratch-resistant property and attractive finish makes laminate a popular choice in kitchen design. A white laminate kitchen countertop with contrasting coloured laminated cabinets, walls and drawers will add to the vibrancy of your kitchen.

White Tile Kitchen Countertops Give A Surprisingly Modern Look To Your Kitchen

If you are looking for a creative way of enhancing your kitchen’s look without spending a lot of money, tiles as a kitchen countertop material is your new best friend. They add a quirky element to your kitchen and are way less expensive when compared to natural or engineered kitchen countertops. They are available in different shapes and sizes. Though a little difficult to clean, they can alleviate the look of your modern kitchen layout if maintained well. Luxury Looking Kitchen

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Tips To Remove Stains From White Kitchen Countertops

White kitchen countertops look spectacular but maintaining them might be a daunting task. So we thought of throwing light on how to remove stains from your white kitchen countertops and keep them sparkling and spotless.

Try cleaning your kitchen countertop after cooking a meal, do not use cleaners containing bleach. Try using gentle soap or dishwashing liquids. Clean up any spills immediately and keep your kitchen countertop dry. Follow these simple tips and enjoy a spotless and sparkling kitchen always.Luxury Looking Kitchen

Still confused about the best white kitchen countertop to choose and which colour cabinet will accentuate your beautiful kitchen decor? Think no more, just walking to one of our experience centres or book our consultation. We will be delighted to help you build your dream kitchen, just the way you want.

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