The Kumar’s home, gushing with elegance, maintains a delicate balance between luxurious solids and bold prints and makes both its young and grown-ups occupants feel perfectly at home. In a personal rendezvous, the couple talks about their dream home.

A common myth about interior design advocates that all rooms in a home are best designed with an identical theme. While harmony is essential, the Kumars’ home is an exemplar of how diverse styles, if blended skillfully, can work wonderfully together. The new parents, Ashish and Paavani, left it to the expertise of Royal interior Charanjeet Kaur to design a home that reflected the taste and lifestyle of all members of the family.

A cohesive color scheme binds the home together even as it finds a different interpretation in each room. The expansive living area — consisting of a dining area, a formal seating area, and a family area — holds an impeccable charm for its neutrals are brightened up with jewel tones like turquoise and ruby.

The eclectic use of polished wood furniture with pieces finished in white paint brings together tradition and modernity. A similar palette continues in the master bedroom, this time with prints. The kitchen carries forth the neutral theme in a high-gloss avatar. The kids bedroom, our personal favorite, goes bold, bright and cheerful, but remains gender neutral to suit the tastes of both kids simultaneously.

Who livs here: Ashish and Paavani with their 3-year old twins

Location: Gurgaon

Home type and size: A 3BHK spanning over 2700 sq. feet.

Livspace Service:  Full home design

Budget: 8.6 Lakh’s