“Graceful Neutrals Beautify A Compact Noida Kitchen”

When the Senthil moved into their new home in December last year, Selvi knew that the first thing she needed to tackle, was getting her kitchen designed for the family of five.

She was looking for a quick, hassle-free solve and she and her husband got exactly that, when they chanced upon Royal interiors online. The couple’s visit to our Appaswamy Cerus Apartments , gave them an even clearer picture of their dream-kitchen-to-be.

Soon enough, interior designer Shanmugam.M, was at the scene to shape it into reality.

Who livs here: senthil with his wife selvi, son Jasveer and parents

Location: Appaswamy Cerus Apartments , Chennai .

Design team: Interior designer Manpreet Kaur with  Project manager Shanmugam.M

Service: Kitchen makeover

Budget: 2.9 Lakh”s